Middle School Student Council Hosts "Shark Tank" for School-Related Pitches

ESD Middle School students demonstrated their entrepreneurial spirit today during their weekly assembly. In an ESD twist on the popular reality TV show “Shark Tank,” students were able to pitch their ideas for different school-related proposals to a panel of “Sharks,” as well as their Middle School peers.

The Sharks were comprised of Head of Middle School Mike Jenkins, Assistant Head of Middle School Libby Conder, and Student Council members from sixth and seventh grade. After hearing each pitch, the ESD Sharks deliberated before coming to a decision.

Pitches ranged from school policies, like implementing more free dress days and time for students to socialize, to food-focused ideas, like building an interactive student lunch plan and the possibility of a frozen yogurt machine for the Dining Commons. All pitches were well-received and almost every proposal struck a deal in some way with the Sharks.

Does your school do something similar?

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