Mission Possible: "Escape the Room" Comes To The Middle School

Popular with gamers and Wall Streeters alike, “Escape the Room” is a physical adventure challenge in which players solve a series of puzzles using a variety of problem-solving skills and strategies. Think Mission Impossible in a very cool space.

This year, the 8th grade is piloting a boxed version of the game to give students a chance to learn how groups can organize themselves to solve problems, and how individuals create their own roles within a group dynamic.

“We’ve often talked about empathy, and asked, how do you teach empathy,” says Michael Sclafani, the eighth grade dean. “I think of that in terms of ethics and moral dilemmas. I imagine a class that works on all of these skills through communication and through games. With a very busy academic schedule, kids don’t need more classes, but they do need more time during the day where they see challenge and adversity as a fun adventure rather than as something to be fearful of. “

Does your school do something similar?

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