Turning Point Students Just Say “No” to Plastics

Turning Point School’s Level 8 Community Leadership team recently returned from the 2015 Algalita POPS (Plastic Ocean Pollution Solutions) International Youth Summit in Dana Point, California, where they had the opportunity to network with other student leaders from around the world in an effort to explore and expand their role in the plastic pollution movement. While there, our ambassadors explored current scientific research on plastic pollution, and shared ideas on how they could positively impact their local communities to become more mindful of plastic use.

The students on the Turning Point team – Vanessa P., Ben P., Tyler A., and Madison C. – showcased a project idea that they came up with in class: to make the school community less wasteful by eliminating the need for plastic water bottles. Their goal was to not only raise awareness about the effects of plastic production, but open people’s eyes to the truly simple solution to this ongoing problem.

Please enjoy the accompanying video which showcases the team’s efforts to make the Turning Point School community part of the solution to the growing plastics problem.

Does your school do something similar?

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