Trout in the Classroom

Inspired science teacher, Carole Wright, brought the Trout in the Classroom Program to Valley School of Ligonier in 2013. Each November, the trout eggs arrive with much celebration in order to engage the entire campus in the important responsibility of raising the native Brook Trout from eggs. Students take the lead in sorting and counting eggs, monitoring the tank all year, and “graduating” the hatchlings to a pond and eventually to Linn Run. This all happens on the School’s 400 acre campus. The goals of the program include raising children with a sense of place, teaching them to commit themselves to the environment, and engaging them in a native life cycle. What better way to raise children as future stewards of the earth? Valley School of Ligonier, given the abundance of native waters on its campus, has the highest Trout in the Classroom success rate in the state of Pennsylvania. While the attached video has some levity and fun to the arrival of the eggs, from their arrival to their release it is serious business on campus!

Does your school do something similar?

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  1. I am heartened anytime children are encouraged in the stewardship of our environment. Congratulations to Valley School of Ligonier in that successful endeavor and its annual continuation!

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