The power of community, Besant Hill School

There is something very special about how the Besant Hill School campus comes alive at the hands of faculty and students during project days. Groups work in gardens and dormitories, the theater, and in classrooms. Everyone jumps into their projects with great enthusiasm, working together as a community, strengthening personal bonds, and learning the value of service within and beyond the school community. When alumni and faculty return to visit the natural beauty of this unique boarding school in California, they visit trees they helped plant years, or decades ago. For current students, working hard as a team to improve their campus, and watching the trees and gardens flourish during their time in Happy Valley, ads to the magical experience of living in a place so rich in natural beauty. Thanks to student and filmmaker Michael Hopkins for capturing the heart of Besant Hill School of Happy Valley’s first project day of the year!

Does your school do something similar?

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