Carson Long Military Academy Students Encourage Elementary School Children to Read

One of the goals that emerged from community service planning at Carson Long was the desire to encourage children to read. At the same time, faculty and students were made aware of the local elementary school’s program for children who do not have a parent or guardian at home during the afterschool hours. The result of the commitment to community service, the desire to encourage reading, and the proximity of the afterschool program led to Warriors Read, one of Carson Long Military Academy’s service learning programs. The students in Warriors Read visit the elementary school every week. In addition to their commitment of time, the Carson Long students also planned a “dress down day” and raised $160 to purchase books to give to the younger children. Parents have commented on the positive influences the Carson Long students have had on their children.  The Warriors Read project has resulted in numerous encouraging acts that have made a positive impact on teens, children, and adults.

Does your school do something similar?

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