STEM Brought to Artistic Live

The Bullis Upper School hosted renowned sculptor and lecturer Rebecca Kamen as artist-in-residence to teach 11th grade biology students to create artistic visualizations of biology concepts.

Ms. Kamen investigates and demonstrates how art and creativity can enhance innovation and understanding of science. Her artwork considers a wide array of scientific fields to capture and re-imagine what scientists see.

The students spent two weeks immersing themselves in the world that straddles art, science, technology and engineering. They researched and proposed a visualization of a biology concept they have or will study during they year. Ms. Kamen then introduced them to the world of possibilities and then the students had an on-campus workshop to begin work on their creations.

Along with guidance from Ms. Kamen, tables of supplies, and the Upper School biology and art teachers, the students worked in pairs painting, knitting, molding clay, creating papier-mache and more.

“Ms. Kamen pushed them out of their comfort zones,” said Faith Darling, STEM Director. “She helped the students see that art and design are infused in all disciplines. It was great to see the students engaged in work that stimulated critical thinking, deep understanding and creativity.”

“You can create anything you can dream,” was a common refrain repeated by Ms. Kamen. “Sometimes looking at things from different and unexpected angles reveals amazing and beautiful images.”

Does your school do something similar?

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