The Topic of “Water” is Discussed During Kent Place School’s Global Perspectives Day

On Wednesday, February 24, Kent Place Primary School hosted its school-wide Global Perspectives Day. This year’s theme, “Water,” allowed students, faculty and staff to learn about and discuss the various ethical, global, scientific, historical, nutritional, literary, technological and cultural issues surrounding water.

The half-day event was celebrated exclusively by the Preschool and the Primary School, with the Upper and Middle School divisions to participate separately on Wednesday, March 2. The workshops were conducted by the Great Swamp Watershed Association, and included an array of topics: community water-sharing, permeability, pollution, water treatment, water molecules, local impact and more.

This year’s Global Perspectives Day also included reflective discussions and hands-on activities, one of which was “The Incredible Journey,” where the students imagined that they were water molecules moving through the water cycle. This was a fun, interactive way for students to learn more about water molecules—from those trapped in glaciers or groundwater to oceans. Another activity called “Enviroscape” engaged students in the watershed model, and shed light on how interconnected all bodies of water are.

Faculty member Leslie Jones-Wentz reflected on the programming with great enthusiasm: “It was an exciting morning for all of us. As a science teacher who has attended programs run by the Great Swamp Watershed Association I still learned a great deal.” She added “It was exciting learning along side of my students!”

Global Perspectives Day was created to help build and sustain a bridge between diverse experiences and cultures. In giving the girls a day to immerse themselves in the perspectives of vastly varied groups of people, Kent Place hopes to provide them with meaningful exploration and understanding of the views of others and themselves as global citizens. For more information about diversity at Kent Place, please visit

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