RMA Cadets earn Chinese Studies HSK Certification

Riverside Military Academy’s Chinese Studies Program is providing exciting opportunities for our cadets as they gain an edge in the world of international business, government, and related fields!

RMA offers a unique environment with over 500 cadets representing 27 countries around the world including China. In appreciation of the immense impact China has on the world, a Chinese Studies Program focusing on both the Chinese language and culture was established in 2013.

The courses are designed to give cadets a foundation in Chinese (Mandarin) language, history, and culture while earning foreign language credit. Students are also taught the use of technology in studying and writing the language. RMA offers a Mixed Martial Arts class that may be taken with the Chinese language and culture classes.

Every student participating in this program at RMA is required to take the Chinese Proficiency Test (HSK) test at the conclusion of each course. HSK is the internationally accepted standard for evaluating Mandarin Chinese language ability, recognized in universities and business.

All students in RMA’s first year Chinese class passed the HSK 1 proficiency exam with an average score of 93%. Riverside’s second year students all passed the HSK 2 proficiency exam. One cadet in the second year program also earned his HSK 3 certification, a remarkable achievement for a high school student with only two years of study in Mandarin.

A few RMA Cadets have even been excepted into the China Bridge Summer Program held in Beijing, China and organized by the Confucius Institute of Emory University. These students are immersed in the language and culture of China while also being welcomed for a home stay with a Chinese family.

We look forward to watching as Riverside Military Academy’s Chinese Studies Program continues to grow and provide unique opportunities for these talented cadets!

Does your school do something similar?

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