Kent Place Fifth Graders Showcase Experiments During Annual Science Fair

The Kent Place Class of 2022 showcased their science skills at the annual Fifth Grade Science Fair on Thursday, May 14. After working on their projects for several weeks, students presented their experiments and results to faculty, family and fellow students.

In preparation for the Science Fair, students designed their own experiments while following the scientific process to collect data in an ethical manner. After analyzing their collected data, they drew conclusions based on their research and results, then designed presentations to share with their peers.

The students all used seeds or plants for their experiments. Student projects included examining the affect of acid rain on seeds and seedlings, how different sources of water affect germination rates, the importance of soil content for healthy plants, and how gravity and light impact plant growth.

“The Fifth Grade Science Fair allows the girls to apply all of their scientific skills towards an experiment of their own design. For seven weeks they take on the role of researcher, field and laboratory scientist,” said Rebecca Van Ry, Primary School science teacher. “It showcases their understanding of a well-designed experiment and allows them to experience their first ‘scientific conference’ by presenting their findings to peers and faculty.”

Congratulations to all participants!

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