A Dynamic Space for Innovation

Opened in September 2013, the Innovation Center represents CEE’s commitment to leading edge education. This dynamic learning space offers students and teachers the technology, space, and tools to engage in transformative experiences and explore new possibilities.

Truly a 21st Century learning environment, the space includes many features that nurture big ideas, collaboration, and self-guided learning.

A High Tech Space
3D printers provide experiences in rapid fabrication of computer-based models. The Smart Wall combines digital interactivity and traditional whiteboard for a vast presentation space. Professional and kid-friendly video equipment, including a green screen and studio lights, make engaging video creation possible. A fully integrated A/V system with three projectors makes screening learning materials and sharing mobile content easy.

An Idea Space
At the heart of collaboration is the ability to make one’s thinking visible to others. In addition to the Smart Wall, hidden whiteboards can be pulled out for impromptu idea sharing.

A Makerspace
Hands-on learning builds problem solving skills and is an essential counterpart to screen-based skills. Supported by work tables, tools, and a variety of materials, students can explore physics, engineering, and circuits.

A Flexible Space
All furniture in the Innovation Center is mobile and easily reconfigured by students and teachers for maximum flexibility. The state-of-the-art Skyfold wall, which is also a whiteboard surface, easily splits the room in two while providing soundproofing for video and sound recording.

A Community Space
The flexible nature of the space makes it perfect for professional development and brainstorming sessions among teachers. Parent education nights, including live video seminars with experts, as well as parent-led workshops for students are also a regular feature.

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