Sixth Graders Become Leaders While Helping Others

The Sixth Grade Leadership Program at Rohan Woods School underscores one of the central parts of its educational and cultural philosophy: inside every child is a leader waiting to be discovered.

One feature of the program is a monthly class, led by Head of School Sam Templin-Page, which addresses topics such as developing positive character traits, grit, and being a good role model.

Another element of the program starts off each fall, as sixth graders are assigned a specific project to carry out during their final year at Rohan Woods. With help from faculty mentors, and usually working in pairs, students create an implementation plan, track their progress, and note their successes and failures along the way.

Local homeless organizations and families have benefited from a number of school projects over the years. Most recently, sixth graders, along with their kindergarten buddies, collected, organized, and counted over 1,000 household items. Another group collected hundreds of pet supplies, which were donated to a local animal rescue.

At a school-wide assembly each spring, these new leaders explain their projects to fellow students, faculty, and families using custom-made PowerPoint presentations.

“It’s always incredible to see how much students learn about themselves as they move through this process,” says Sixth Grade Teacher Stacey Broll. “It’s definitely as much about self-discovery as it is about leadership.”

Does your school do something similar?

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