Poly Prep Sponsors “Be A Green Neighbor Day”

As part of Poly Prep’s commitment to sustainability, the school hosted “Be a Green Neighbor Day,” inviting the local community to bring used electronics for E-Waste Recycling in conjunction with the Lower East Side Ecology Center (LESEC) or to pick up a free tree, as part of the New York Restoration Project, on Sunday, May 4 on the Dyker Heights campus.

Annie Hauck-Lawson, Poly’s Sustainability Curriculum Coordinator, and Elijah Sivin, Co-Director of Community Service and history teacher, coordinated the operations of the E-Waste Recycling and Tree Giveaway events.

After extensive community outreach, both events garnered significant participation among Poly’s neighbors. Christine Datz-Romero, co-founder and executive director of the Lower East Side Ecology Center reported to Sivin, “We had indeed a very successful event [at Poly] this past Sunday [May 4], and collected a total of 4,018 pounds of unwanted electronics, which is doubling the results from the 2013 event when we collected 2,048 pounds.”

“A total of 72 trees were given away on Sunday,” reported Hauck-Lawson. “NYRP is interested in partnering with Poly again, and they’ll keep in mind the popularity of fruit trees when providing trees for a giveaway, going forward.”

Read more: https://www.polyprep.org/podium/default.aspx?t=204&nid=711259&sdb=1

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