Orchard’s Preschool Restaurant

This lovely project was completely driven by our delightful preschool students. One afternoon a student found a pad and pencil on the table. The student began to pretend to take food orders from his peers. The afternoon progressed from there with pretend food being delivered around the classroom. The students and their teachers then decided to open a Preschool Restaurant one day! The students made charming invitations and delivered them to faculty and staff! They designed the menus too! After a couple of weeks, they were ready for business! The teachers and students prepared a lovely breakfast! Host/hostesses greeted guests at the door! There were servers, waiters and waitresses who could not have been more charming! This adorable, child-driven project incorporated social skills, fine motor skills and even math! It is just one example of the joyful learning that goes on at The Orchard School in Indianapolis!

Does your school do something similar?

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