Embracing Technology to Prepare Young Journalists

I love teaching journalism. No other class allows me to engage with students on so many different levels. From writing, reporting, print design, web design, layout, sound editing, film editing, interviewing and more, I’m helping somebody master a different skill each time I turn around. I revel in this productive chaos.

Two years ago, I purchased a green screen and basic rendering software to prepare my students for today’s newsroom. The software allows students to render virtual environments—including newsrooms. The image isn’t perfect, and we still need to work on improving sound quality. Still, the technology helps instill a seriousness of purpose in my students, most of whom enjoy honing their interviewing skills on camera.

In the attached clip, one of my editors is seen interviewing Interim Head of School Tom Reid.

Please visit Palmer Trinity School’s online student news site, The Falconer (http://www.ptsfalconer.com).

– David Cutler

Does your school do something similar?

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