Torch: Helping Light the Way

In the rich tapestry that is student life, I cannot think of a more important and delicate thread that weaves through a school than the examples set by its emerging student leaders. At Sandy Spring Friends School, this exemplary fiber intertwines with the Quaker testimonies of Simplicity, Peace, Integrity, Community, Equality and Stewardship (commonly referred to in the Quaker community as “SPICES”). These testimonies challenge us each to hold ourselves to the highest standard while honoring that of God in everyone.
SSFS is imbued with the spirit of our School’s motto, “Let Your Lives Speak,” and among the venues at SSFS that give students a voice is the student government opportunities in each division: “Spark” in the Lower School, “Flame” in the Middle School, and “Torch” in the Upper School. As the connective saying on campus goes, from a spark comes the flame that lights the torch. As the elder statesmen and women of the three divisions, members of Torch have a responsibility to help light the way.
Torch is comprised of an executive committee consisting of 20 upstanding students nominated by peers and classmates in the school community and selected by consensus, a process that is the hallmark of Quaker decision-making and that ensures the support and approval of students and faculty alike. Business items may be brought to Torch by any of the representatives at the request of an individual or the group they represent. Torch also sets the agenda for monthly town meetings (which include all students and staff), sponsors school events throughout the year, and serves as student ambassadors to campus visitors.
Of course, with such an honor comes responsibility. Torch is expected to reflect the best ideals and behaviors of the student body in order to be someone whom others can emulate. By virtue of its representatives’ sense of stewardship and servant leadership, Torch shines brightly.

Does your school do something similar?

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