‘Proprioceptive Input’ Changing Classroom Setting on Bolles PVB Campus

Through the use of Hokki stools, size-appropriate wobble chairs, chair air cushions and standing desks, the Bolles Lower School Ponte Vedra Beach Campus is providing students with new ways to practice “proprioceptive input.”
A method of learning using appropriate classroom movement to engage the body and brain, the concept supports classroom use of standing-biased desks, cushions and moving stools for students who function best at school when they are given opportunities to move. The Bolles Lower School Ponte Vedra Beach Campus has embraced this idea as a priority – adding stools, cushion and standing desk options this school year for nearly every classroom. One Grade 5 classroom has nixed traditional desks and chairs altogether, opting instead for a complete set of stand-biased desks and high stools.
“Just a little bit of movement helps connect your brain to your body,” said Peggy Campbell-Rush, Head of the Lower School Ponte Vedra Beach Campus. “We have real, complete attention because we have resources for appropriate movement in the classroom.”
The new classroom furniture and resources, delivered this summer, include: Hokki stools, ergonomic seating that allows students to move multiple directions while sitting still; wobble chairs, helps young students engage their core muscles while sitting; Air cushion/wiggle seats, bumpy or smooth plastic cushions that help students fidget in place; standing desks, adjustable and ergonomic desks that allow students to stand, bend and move.
Campbell-Rush is a big believer in the science behind the movement tools. She looks forward to implementing additional resources as they become available. Currently, every classroom on campus has 2-4 standing desks and most classrooms provide options for cushions or stools.

Does your school do something similar?

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