The Lindy 500: Imagination on Wheels

Some great ideas cruise to glory. Others, well, they can veer off course.

At the third annual Lindy 500 kinetic sculpture race at Riverdale Country School, designers put their concepts to the test. A DNA replica propelled by fifth graders in operating scrubs streaked across the field. A pirate ship drew admiration for its craftsmanship and style. An ambitious Seesaw of Doom, however, lived up to its name, experiencing a malfunction that caused its frantic pit crew to pull out their tools.

With running commentary from Riverdale arts faculty members Josh Merrow (aka Bob Goodmorning) and Jason Ruff (aka Ace Splashington), and live music by the student rock band, Pop Rocks, the Lindy 500 was a true celebration of imagination.

Does your school do something similar?

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