Kent School First Grade Students Write Persuasively

Cheryl Plummer, First Grade teacher at Kent School in Chestertown, MD incorporated many teaching methods and learning opportunities into a request for a new classroom rug. Students wrote persuasive arguments using their weekly vocabulary words. They determined how large the new rug should to accommodate next year’s class by conducting interviews with the Admission Office. They learned how to use a measuring tape and made sure the new rug would fit in their designated space. (It would)! Finally, they presented their request with all the supporting data in book form to the Head of School. Their request was approved on the spot!
Kent School, located on the bank of the Chester River in historic Chestertown, MD is an independent day school serving girls and boys from Preschool through Grade 8. The School’s mission is to guide our students in realizing their potential for academic, artistic, athletic, and moral excellence. Our school’s family-oriented, supportive, student-centered environment fosters the growth of honorable, responsible citizens for our country and our diverse world. For more information about Kent School visit or call 410-778-4100 ext. 110.

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