Milton Hershey School Students Use Technology to Enhance Educational Experience

Milton Hershey School has developed an Educational Technology Plan with the foundation of creating student-centered learning environments that are rich in problem-solving, critical thinking and creativity.

Your child’s learning experience will be enhanced through the use of technology throughout his or her career at Milton Hershey School. In an ongoing effort to ensure our students are ready for life after graduation, MHS has integrated more technology into the curriculum to engage students, expand their learning and teach 21st-century skills necessary for postgraduate success.

We have nearly 2,700 computers in classrooms, labs, libraries and student homes, with a dedicated IT department that makes sure students have access to updated technology and software. Elementary school students use iMac and MacBook computers, while middle and high school students use a combination of Windows 7 operating system-based computers, iMacs and Mackbook Airs.

Does your school do something similar?

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