The Global Citizenship Institute Helps Students Create Action Plans to Address Issues of Local and Global Significance

Global citizenship is an essential part of education in our highly interconnected 21st century world. As students and teachers we have a responsibility to understand the impact of these interconnected systems on the world at large. The Global Citizenship Institute is is an innovative collaboration between Salzburg Global Seminar in Austria and St. Mark’s School in Southborough, MA designed to educate and support faculty and students from public, private and international secondary schools as they learn ways to become engaged global citizens actively working to create solutions to problems that have global and local significance.

While at The Global Citizenship Institute participants go to workshops with leaders in the field of global citizenship and learn how design thinking applies to global citizenship. In addition they work collaboratively with their school’s team and with teams from around the country and around the world as they work to create an action plan to implement when they return home.

As the attached video shows, the participants leave The Institute energized and excited by all they they have accomplished during the intensive week of learning and excited by the depth of their new found friendships.

Does your school do something similar?

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