NAIS and the Only Responsible Stance on Anthropogenic Climate Change

ABSTRACT OF AN ESSAY I WROTE: We owe it to our NAIS students to have challenging, respectful conversations that acknowledge that we are rooted in and dependent upon nature and that we are responsible for protecting nature for future generations. Further, we in NAIS should loudly proclaim that we recognize that human-induced climate change is an urgent threat that requires immediate and extensive action on the part of our schools. NAIS needs to do four things: one, begin measuring its carbon dioxide emissions at each school and setting reduction goals; two, begin divesting from fossil fuel stock in its endowments; three, create Preschool – Twelfth grade climate literacy curricula; and four, modeled after the NAIS People of Color national conference, NAIS should also convene a national NAIS Climate Change conference as soon as possible that hosts both teacher and student teams working together to end anthropogenic climate change. We at Catlin Gabel School have begun these processes, and we have reached out to other NWAIS schools to join us in these three efforts, to share knowledge, strategy, and inspiration.

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