Old Trail School Middle School Students Create Civility Contracts During Election Season

Middle School students at Old Trail School have created Civility Contracts to practice and encourage respectful discussion and behavior during the weeks preceding the presidential election.

Students agreed to listen to each other’s points of view, accept feedback if someone “crossed the line into a personal attack,” agree to disagree, and seek common ground. They modeled their contracts after tolerance.org’s Election 2016 materials.

Sample class contract:

Our class will demonstrate civility while taking part in class discussions about the presidential election. We will also make sure our discussions are informational and help everyone else in the class. We will do this by…..
• Showing Respect
1. Respect others’ opinions even if you do not agree with them
2. Respect people’s personal beliefs
3. Use polite and respectful words and actions

• Participating Cooperatively
1. Contribute to group discussions
2. Give others chances to speak
3. Make your comments serious

• Being Open-Minded
1. Don’t express biased ideas
2. Accept new ideas or changes

• Being Educated on the Issues
1. Stay on topic
2. Don’t lie, only tell the truth
3. Have good manners
4. Don’t be inconsiderate
5. Listen to what others say

Does your school do something similar?

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