Building Bridges Between Cultures with Language at The Hill School

At The Hill School, our faculty support students in the classroom, on the playing fields, in the dorms, on the stage, and in the community. We created a series of videos that profile our dedicated faculty members who embrace what it means to live and learn at The Family Boarding School.

In this video, Ms. Yassine Benzanine, talks about his role as an instructor of Arabic and French, and tennis coach. As a language teacher, Mr. Benzanine encourages exploration with Hill School students by “teaching them the importance of building bridges between cultures.”

Mr. Benzanine not only teaches Arabic and French language, but he introduces his students to the foods and traditions of the cultures they are studying. He and his family often invite students into their home to enjoy homemade Middle Eastern meals. He states, “The best thing about teaching here is that I live here. I can actually teach in my home.”

The students in this video call Mr. Benzanine “the most energetic teacher” who “loves to bring cultural aspects into the classroom.”

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Does your school do something similar?

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