Why No Homework Matters

This week, the topic of homework in elementary school has gone viral in the news and social media. Here at The Country School, we believe in the value of a research-based program that inspires joyful learning. Four years ago, we listened to the research, and spent a year analyzing and redesigning our classroom instructional minutes; and eliminated homework in our elementary school program. We believe this gift of time fosters independence, resilience, problem-solving skills, and adaptability. These are all skills that today’s employers are demanding, and it only makes sense to construct our education system to prepare children to succeed in the constantly changing, creativity-forward world we are seeing evolving around us. Please visit www.country-school.org to learn more of our success stories!

Does your school do something similar?

One thought on “Why No Homework Matters

  1. At High Meadows, a progressive PK-8 school in suburban Atlanta, we’ve struggled with the homework question for years. We had Alfie Kohn visit a few years ago and he lambasted us for making kids work “a second shift.”

    Holly puts it perfectly. We KNOW that giving tons of homework is not helpful for–and may even harmful–to kids. But parent expectations hold us back (waving the progressive flag in a particularly traditional area of the country has it’s particular challenges). Would love to continue the conversation and hear about the results and research.

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