Admiral Farragut Academy students attend prestigious summer academies for leadership and sailing

Each summer, students from Admiral Farragut Academy represent the school in noble ways by participating in various leadership programs. The summer of 2016 was no different as cadets from the upper school served as mentors or participants at the Naval Academy Summer Seminar, the NJROTC Area Seven Leadership Academy, the Sail Academy, and LeaderSail.

In June, Zach Fine ‘17, Kyndal Olander ‘17, Shawn Simon ‘17, and Camille Walker ‘17 attended the Naval Academy Summer Seminar, a week-long session on the campus of the Naval Academy in Annapolis, Maryland, in which they were introduced to the unique challenges of life as a midshipman. The prestigious program, which typically selects 2,500 from a pool of over 7,000 candidates from around the world, puts high school students through the rigors of the Naval Academy, testing them academically and physically.

Olander joined Stephanie Bailey ‘18, Trevor Bennati ‘17, Alina Dixon ‘17, Ethan Lipsky ‘18 and Victoria Padovan ‘18 as part of another group of Farragut students who participated in the NJROTC Area Seven Leadership Academy that was held in early June on the campus of Admiral Farragut Academy.

Additionally, Farragut alumni — Katryna Thomas ‘12, Rachel Goldstein ‘16, and Kollyne Thomas ‘16 — served as counselors this summer, along with Richard Dunleavy ‘17 (Regimental Commander for the 2016-17 academic year).

Olander, along with Camille Walker ‘18, also attended the JROTC LeaderSail program in the British Virgin Islands. At the program, the two cadets learned skills to increase their sailing proficiency.

Stephanie Bailey ‘18, Alina Dixon ‘17, Drew Geralds ‘18, Chris Hastrup ‘17, Emma Hastrup’19, and Clayton Lamm ‘17 each participated in NJROTC Area Seven Sail Academy, a one-week session at Eckerd College designed as a small boat sail training program focused on perfecting their small boat sailing/racing in various conditions.

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