A Unique Spin on the Classic Oral Book Report

Our 6th grade reading class put a spin on the classic oral book report. Each sixth grader chose a book to read, then selected a character from the book to portray in full costume and with props. We made trading cards which had the character’s photo on the front and three questions on the back so that other Middle School students, friends, and family would know what types of questions to ask. They also created a place card which was posted on the wall next to them that displayed the title of the novel, the character’s name, and three to five sentences which hooked the reader. They were reminded not to give any spoilers about the book. As the visitors came in the library, they were given certain cards so that everyone did not start with the first person they saw. They could also ask questions of their own. The tables were decorated by genre, so some of the students were at tables and some were standing along the walls.

Does your school do something similar?

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