Third-Grade Dioramas Cut Across Multiple Disciplines

Some parents may remember creating dioramas out of old shoeboxes when they were in elementary school. Today, Ranney Lower Schoolers (Tinton Falls, NJ) are creating full-scale 3-D scenes in our Innovation Lab—and they are doing so in a way that threads the subject matter they are learning across multiple disciplines. In third-grade , students have been studying the Lenape Indians as part of their Social Studies unit. Beyond learning the historical/economical facts about the northeastern tribe, they are writing short essays and then presenting them to their classmates. Going a step further, they are creating scenes of hunting, fishing and main camps using everything from tree bark and pine needles to cardboard tubes and clay in our new Innovation Lab. By combining reading, writing, public speaking and study skills with hands-on learning, teamwork, design and creativity, students are building tangible knowledge in new and exciting ways.

Does your school do something similar?

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