I Am a Lion

St. Mark’s Episcopal School is a microcosm of Houston, and Houston, one of the most racially and ethnically diverse cities in the United States, is beautifully reflective of the world as a whole. There are families in our school community representing over 30 different countries. Some of our children speak two, three, and even four languages at home. While we have small moments every day at school to learn about the unique cultures of our families, we have earmarked one week on the calendar to highlight and celebrate these truth: The St. Mark’s Heritage Festival.

Our goal for Heritage Festival is to nurture in our students global awareness, cultural sensitivity, inclusiveness, and a respect for all people and cultures. Headmaster, Garhett Wagers, shares, “It is incredible to see our children, parents, faculty and staff come together to share and experience this weeklong event. Heritage Festival is one more way we celebrate the uniqueness of each child and a key part of living into our mission at St. Mark’s.”

The 2016 Heritage Festival brought over twenty visitors to campus, including parents, grandparents, friends, and representatives, who showed our students firsthand the importance of celebrating our own personal stories. We are so proud of our students who participated in this video, which was shown at the Opening Ceremony of Heritage Festival 2016!

Does your school do something similar?

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