Press Play for Future Presidents

When we reflect on history’s most successful leaders, what do we learn about the qualities that we should seek in our president? Rosemary Nye’s first-grade Safari Scouts at Durham Academy explored that question in this wise-beyond-their-years video (produced by Ms. Nye) after learning about the influence and impact of leaders like Gandhi, Dr. Martin Luther King, Benjamin Franklin and George Washington.

More from Ms. Nye:
“Over the past several months, the Safari Scouts have been learning about the global influence and impact of several leaders: Gandhi, Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., Benjamin Franklin, and George Washington.

The Scouts are fascinated by the lessons these individuals learned early in life and how those lessons continued to influence their decision-making in adult life. Consequently, the Scouts felt very passionate about speaking to what makes a good leader.

We have not discussed the current state of politics, nor do we discuss political parties or the virtues of current candidates running for the office of president. However, as the interviews progressed, it became clear that that Scouts were drawing parallels between leaders of the past, the art of friendly debate and persuasion, and what they must be hearing through media sound bites in their day-to-day life regarding the present state of politics.

We’re also trying to impress upon the Scouts the idea that though they are young and have lots of fun, learning, life, and love on the road ahead of them, their influence and impact on the world today is as meaningful, valuable, and important as anyone else’s.”

Does your school do something similar?

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