Balancing Fun and Seriousness: Embracing the Multiple Roles of a Faculty Member at The Family Boarding School

At The Hill School, our faculty support students in the classroom, on the playing fields, in the dorms, on the stage, and in the community. We created a series of videos that profile our dedicated faculty members who embrace what it means to live and learn at The Family Boarding School.

In this video, Ms. Jennifer Kokoska, talks about her role as an instructor of mathematics, water polo and diving coach, and dorm parent. Ms. Kokoska helps nurture the growth of Hill School students by embracing the multiple roles a faculty member plays at a boarding school, including “mom” to the students in her dorm.

The students profiled in this video describe Ms. Kokoska as an “upbeat and energetic teacher” who “balances fun with seriousness.”

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Does your school do something similar?

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