Innovators’ Symposium

Nineteen scientists and entrepreneurs came to Sea Crest for the Second Annual Innovators’ Symposium, which focused on the intersection of Innovation and Community.

Hands-on workshops for Middle School students covered topics such as coastal pollution, group theory, venture capitalism, and the human brain. Speakers included physicians, professors, scientists, and Google’s Director of Education and University Relations.

The keynote speaker, Katlyn Grasso, shared her experience as a young CEO and encouraged students to have confidence in their ideas.

“The most successful entrepreneurs are incredibly determined and persistent,” said Grasso, who is the Founder and CEO of GenHERation. “I really encourage you to follow your dreams. Go out there and never take no for an answer.”

We encourage you to read in detail about our workshop sessions, which included “How Neurons Grow,” “Pollution at Pillar Point,” and “Design Thinking and Innovation”:

The Symposium session leaders were:
• Dr. G. David Adamson, Palo Alto Medical Foundation
• Will Agramonte, venture capitalist
• Tim Allan, Water Resources Engineer
• Elizabeth Andruszkiewicz, ‎Graduate Researcher at Stanford University
• Dr. Stephen Baccus, Stanford School of Medicine
• Dr. Barbara Brott, Stanford University
• Dr. Scott Brozell, software package contributor and researcher
• Dr. Loretta Camarano, Samuel Merritt University
• Katlyn Grasso, GenHERation
• Dr. Adam D. Hughes, Drug Discovery Project Leader
• Dr. Maggie Johnson, Google
• Bryan Kohrs, Amunix, Inc.
• Dr. Dan Marquess, UNITY Biotechnology
• Christopher McKenzie, Oxford Instruments
• Dr. Jennifer Robinson, Stanford University
• Dr. Elizabeth C. Squiers, Quark Pharmaceuticals
• Dr. Antitsa Stoycheva, biotech research scientist
• Dr. Carol Winograd, Professor Emerita at Stanford University
• Dr. Terry Winograd, founding faculty member of Stanford’s

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