Stoneleigh-Burnham Connects with NASA

Stoneleigh-Burnham School students had the chance to connect with NASA through a video conference hosted by NASA’s Digital Learning Network at the Kennedy Space Center.

In the video conference on Stoneleigh-Burnham’s campus, students were able to speak directly with Dr. Lenore Rasmussen, a polymer chemist, and founder and Chief Technology Officer of Ras Labs. Dr. Rasmussen and her colleagues are working on a product she created called synthetic muscle that is made out of polymers that may one day be used to make prosthetics or a variety of items that are useful both on Earth and in space.

The video conference was hosted by Rachel Power of NASA’s Digital Learning Network and organized by SBS science teacher Andrea Tehan Carnes. While Stoneleigh-Burnham was the only school to participate on camera in the conference, it was also streamed live on NASA’s DLN channel, where anyone was able to live tweet or e-mail Dr. Rasmussen.

At SBS, there were 25 eighth grade students, 13 upper school students, and six teaching faculty in attendance for this exciting event.

Does your school do something similar?

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