Arts and Honor: A Conversation with Ellen Nelson

At The Hill School, our faculty support students in the classroom, on the playing fields, in the dorms, on the stage, and in the community. We created a series of videos that profile our dedicated faculty members who embrace what it means to live and learn at The Family Boarding School.

In this video, Mrs. Ellen O. Nelson talks about her role as an instructor of visual arts and what it means to be the faculty adviser to the Honor Council. The Honor Council and Honor Code were created by Hill School students to promote an environment of mutual trust and respect. The Honor Council educates and informs the School community about the Honor Code, academic honesty, and personal integrity. As faculty adviser, Mrs. Nelson supports the students in the Honor Council as well as students who have struggled with Honor Code infractions.

The students profiled in this video remark on Mrs. Nelson’s integrity and how her genuine compassion for all Hill School students – not just her arts students — strengthens her relationships with others.

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