Turning Point School – A Deep Dive into Global Citizenship

Recently, Turning Point School was honored to be recognized by the Council of International Schools as a school that is shaping the future on international education. In a blog post titled “Turning Point School – A Deep Dive into Global Citizenship,” the Council of International Schools interviewed Head of School Deborah Richman on the school’s year-long process of achieving International Certification.

Blog post author Stuart McLay, Associate Director of School Support & Evaluation for the Council of International Schools wrote, “Turning Point was one of the pilot schools that achieved CIS International Certification in June 2015 and readers will note the aspects of the process, the benefits and the transformative nature of the activities. Holding up a mirror to current practice with an open-mind to change requires both confidence and commitment, but the example of Turning Point will surely inspire others to follow the same road to seek similarly beneficial outcomes.”

Turning Point School achieved International Certification in June of 2015. The achievement of International Certification is a school-wide accomplishment that has fostered collaboration and whole-school discussion of values related to global citizenship. It has served as a catalyst for the entire school to reflect, take action, and move forward with a focus on preparing students to be stewards of the world.

The blog post can be read in its entirety here: http://bit.ly/TP-CISblog

Does your school do something similar?

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