Mirman School Launches Groundbreaking MirmanX Program

Mirman School is excited to announce the launch of MirmanX, a unique program offering funding and support for its students to tackle “moonshot” projects that have the potential to help a community in a meaningful and tangible way.

“The idea behind MirmanX is to help students achieve far-reaching goals in an open-source environment supported by the school,” said Mirman’s Director of Technology and program founder, Michael Taggart. “Our older alumni act as advisors – it’s amazing to see the mentorships that have formed already.”

From dozens of initial applicants, 12 students were selected to pitch their ideas to a panel of judges – comprised of Mirman alumni Eric Bollens, Ashley Felts, Eric Gradman, and parent Monica Ajmera – who debated at length until 3 final concepts remained. MirmanX will provide the material resources and professional knowledge to guide the students as they progress from genesis to market. Thanks to generous donations, each team receives $10,000 in funding to tackle research, development, prototyping, patent/copyright fees, and marketing. Students retain 100% of their intellectual property, which means they can continue to work on, and benefit from, their MirmanX projects long after they have graduated from the school.

The initial projects include a highly adjustable back brace to help those suffering from scoliosis, a facial recognition device to assist those with memory loss or dementia recognize trusted people, and a documentary film that will explore the persecution of Iranian-Americans in our modern culture.

“The judges were looking for a high level of technical complexity, but also that component of social awareness: how the project will benefit a community,” said Michael Taggart. “We set out wanting to use the considerable gifts of our students, and the privileges that we have at this school, to make the world a better place for everyone. What we accomplish here at Mirman can become an example for schools around the country.”

Does your school do something similar?

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