Engineering at The Hill School

This year, The Hill School (Pottstown, Pa.) introduced a new and distinctive engineering program, Engineering 3 (E3), created by Timothy Jump, Hill’s director of the Quadrivium Engineering and Design program. This short video provides a lively overview of this class at Hill and shares a glimpse of Hill’s student and faculty excitement about E3. This comprehensive, hands-on engineering class allows students to dive right into learning and applying engineering concepts. In 2016-17 and following years, E3 will include progressive, advanced study and, finally, internship opportunities in the fourth year.

The E3 program is part of Hill’s Quadrivium Curriculum and consists of five building blocks as noted below:

E3 students apply the scientific method from start to finish in each creation: definition, abstraction, analysis, prototyping, and testing.

E3 builds students’ engineering knowledge inventory, preparing them to excel in their engineering or STEM-focused college experiences.

E3 cultivates project management skills with each unique project.

E3 prepares students for solving real-world challenges.

E3 students grasp the variables of team dynamics, including conflicting ideas, compromise, and resolution.

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