Feeling Family: Watercolor Portraits

Third grade art students demonstrated their growth as artists as they drew remarkable likenesses of their families for eye-catching family portraits. The multi-week assignment called for young artists to add new techniques of working with color, observation, and drawing that they have been honing in art class twice a week since kindergarten.

The portrait assignment also provided opportunities for young artists to experiment with mixing primary colors and using the results in their paintings. They were given the choice of using oil pastel to create a “wax resist” effect when watercolor was added. Salt was also provided to enhance the wet watercolor.

“The project included work with lines (as edges), patterns, observation, positive and negative space, background, foreground, and perspective,” said art teacher and department chair Jan LeHecka. “There was so much new information and exploration with this project. I am proud of the excitement and focus each student brought to the art class as they worked on their families.”

Does your school do something similar?

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