Turning Point School Awarded International Certification

Turning Point School was recently awarded International Certification through the Council of International Schools (CIS). The pursuit of this certification has been an exciting priority and goal for the entire school community over the past two years, and Turning Point is proud to be only the third school school in the United States to earn this honor.

The achievement of International Certification is a school-wide accomplishment that has fostered collaboration and whole-school discussion of values related to global citizenship. As a CIS Member school, the further awarding of CIS International Certification validates and recognizes Turning Point’s commitment toward developing students as global citizens. It has been a catalyst for the entire school, helping the community reflect, take action, and move forward, with a focus on preparing students to be stewards of the world.

CIS’s International Certification was first introduced in 2013 as a pilot program. Since its inception, nine schools in five countries – including Turning Point – have participated in the pilot to expand their work and learn from each other. Pilot schools worked in partnership with CIS and provided valuable feedback about the service. This feedback resulted in the design of the process that is now available to all CIS Member Schools.

Learn more about the CIS International Certification program here: http://bit.ly/CIS-IC

Photo (from left): John Heard (Council of Independent Schools), Deborah Richman (Head of School, Turning Point School), Ann Straub (Council of Independent Schools).

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