Amazing Teachers Challenge and Inspire Students

“Jeff Rennicke traveled the world as an environmental writer for publications like “Backpacker” and “National Geographic.” But after being a guest speaker at the high school boarding school, Conserve School, he decided to settle down and accept a job there. Looking for a creative outlet, he turned to photography and capturing the stunning beauty of the Northwoods landscape that surrounds him.” ~So reads the description for this short video biography from Wisconsin Public Television’s Wisconsin Life program.

Conserve School’s students are fortunate to have Jeff challenging them to think deeper and go farther. The ability that NAIS schools have to hire teachers with nontraditional teaching backgrounds is a strength of independent schools. The unique life experience that those teachers bring to their classrooms can help them challenge and inspire their students.

Does your school do something similar?

2 thoughts on “Amazing Teachers Challenge and Inspire Students

  1. Jeff inspired my daughter to think out of the box in in so many positive ways! I would encourage any and every high school junior to attend Conserve School and have this life changing experience, it continues to influence my daughters decision making 5 years later!! Thank you Jeff! #bestteacherever

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