Reimagine School: Nicole’s Story

To spearhead its new “Reimagine School” marketing campaign, Lawrence School recently produced a pair of videos that aim to not only convey the school’s purpose and unique position among other independent schools in northeast Ohio, but also start the conversation about learning differences and the way people think about general education environments.

“We are excited to share two new videos we believe present a clear picture of the important work we do at Lawrence and the families we serve in a distinctive and, we hope, memorable way,” said Lawrence Head of School Lou Salza. “Each acknowledges and explains the concerns and worries of our parents and students clearly and respectfully.”

The second video – “Nick’s Story” – can be seen here: While the stories of Nick and Nicole are are sketches, they are real composites of Lawrence School students.

“The videos are whimsical without being cutesy; playful without compromising the seriousness of the messages; and engaging without being exploitive emotionally, ” Salza continued.

Does your school do something similar?

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