Tradition and Innovation: At Home at The Hill School — The Family Boarding School

What are the benefits of a school like The Hill School, in Pottstown, Pa.?

The Hill is a purposefully small and close learning community that offers a challenging liberal arts curriculum, a highly dedicated faculty, a breadth of advanced and honors course offerings including interdisciplinary classes, and a structured atmosphere of high expectations as well as meaningful support. Furthermore, at The Hill School, both rich traditions and innovation share a home. Our traditions dating back to 1851 connect current students to our past and to each other, and innovation helps prepare them for the future.

Founded as “The Family Boarding School,” we are proud of our distinctive emphasis on providing a notably friendly, caring living and learning community that combines these two traits as it provides a first-rate education. Enjoy this short video that illustrates how our students respond to our environment blending tradition with innovation.

Does your school do something similar?

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