4th Grader Shows Gratefulness in Fundraising Efforts

When you’re brought up with the values of giving, being thankful, and wanting to help others it’s easy to see an opportunity right at your feet. That’s exactly what fourth grader Katelynn Grebe saw and thought at such a young age when the chance to give back to an organization that gave so much to her was, in her opinion, in need.

After Katelynn’s experience at Wolfson Children’s Hospital she became very interested in how she could help patients and families during their time at the hospital. Katelynn joined the Kids Who Care Council, a children’s advisory board made up of kids ages seven to 18 years old whose goal is to help make Wolfson Children’s Hospital a better place for kids and advise the leadership team.

As a fourth grade student of JCDS, Katelynn takes the life lessons and skills learned both in the classroom and at home and puts them to good use in the community. She is eager to help others and has a nothing can stop me attitude that inspires others around her to do the same.

As she learned more about the hospital, Katelynn realized that when children have MRIs they can sometimes be in the MRI machine for a very long time. She heard about special goggles that patients could wear that shows movies and distracts them from the loudness of the machine and the goggles could also help the patients stay still.

She decided to make bracelets and asked for donations throughout the community and has raised nearly $1,000 so far. The bracelet sales, usually around a $5 donation per bracelet, helped to raise the funds for the goggles. Many children use them every day and they are very popular with all of the patients and can actually help to provide more accurate results while in the MRI machine.

“Katelyn exemplifies what we teach at JCDS, good character and service to others. She has always been sensitive to the needs of others and this project is a reflection of her compassion. We are proud she represents our school so graciously,” said

Does your school do something similar?

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