Fourth Graders Become Journalists in New Video Series

Effective communication is a critical competency for the modern learner. In Flint Hill’s Lower School, students are given multiple opportunities during each day to develop and refine their oral, written and visual communication skills, including: in Morning Meetings, conferences with their teachers, participating in class discussions, and presenting during Inspiration. Earlier this year, some of our Fourth Grade students became journalists, putting their communication skills to work with the launch of a new video series, “From the Halls of the Lower School.” Each month, the students will spend time interviewing children from each grade level in the Lower School to gather information about the learning opportunities taking place across the division. Once the information is gathered, the aspiring journalists must synthesize it, and then decide what they will share in each report. As the series continues and the children refine their skills, students will be responsible for the entire production of the news reports, including videotaping, directing and editing each broadcast.

Does your school do something similar?

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