Overlake Students Taking Mandarin Make Music Video

Overlake Students taking Mandarin 5 took it upon themselves to make a music video. The students re-worked the song “Welcome to Beijing” to “Welcome to Overlake,” and shot the video on our beautiful campus.

There are no subtitles on the video, but you can enjoy the lyrics below:

Overlake 欢迎你 Welcome to Overlake
by中文五班 By Mandarin V class
Part one
我们都爱去学校,大家都很快乐 跳舞,唱歌,运动,学习,都非常有意思。(We love to go to school. Everyone is happy. Dancing, singing, sports, and study are all interesting.)
大家拥抱大自然,校园有很多树 爬山在很远的地方,对划船有兴趣 。(We embrace nature. There are lots of trees. We’d like to go hiking and roll the boat.)
在校园的运动场看到很多比赛。 打网球,篮球,和足球,我们欢迎你。(You can see many competitions in the sports field. Tennis, Basketball and soccer are welcome.)
Overlake 的表演课都非常有趣呀, 从喜剧到音乐剧会都你欢笑泪水。(Performance class is very interesting. There are tears and laughs in comedy and concert.)
下课同学去餐厅找我们的朋友, 学校舞会很好玩儿,最喜欢聊天儿。(I go to find our friends after class. Dancing party is very entertaining. I love chatting.)
Chorus one
这是overlake,我们都爱学习,很多学生有不一样的兴趣。(This is Overlake, students have different interests.)
这是overlake,不同的文化在一起, 我们建立深厚友谊.(This is Overlake, diverse culture makes us strong friendship.)
Part two
我们喜欢帮助人,社区服务好玩。(We love to help people. We love to go for community service.)
学校,邻居,国际城市,学习新的东西。(We learn new things from schools, neighborhoods and international cities.)
我们的老师给我们美好的未来,(Our teacher gives us bright future.)
请来我们的学校,我们欢迎你.(Please join us and welcome to Overlake!)

Chorus two
这是overlake,我们校园很美,每一天都有很多新的机会。( This is Overlake, there are many opportunities every day.)
这是overlake,学校又漂亮又活泼,我们学校非常特别.(This is Overlake, the school is beautiful and vivid. Our school is very unique!)

Does your school do something similar?

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