The Power of Teamwork

In St. Louis we are so fortunate to have our choice of so many great schools for our children. At some point in time, you select a school, get started and hope you have made a good decision. As each year unfolds, the truest joy you can have as parent is in the moments that reveal that you made the right choice for your child.

When we moved to St. Louis a couple of years ago, we chose The Wilson School because their emphasis on preparing children for success wherever they are, whatever they do, resonated strongly with our family’s values. At the core of their approach is the school’s motto, “Make Your Mark a Good One.” What has impressed us about this from the beginning is how this simple statement permeating a school community can mean so much, and be so transformational in a child’s life.

This fall, I had the fortunate experience of attending an invitational soccer tournament for 4th-6th grade independent school students. The Wilson School team consisted of 15 boys and girls whose expertise ranged from brand new players to elite team players.

Before the game, the Wilson players, none of whom had ever played together as a team, made a pact to help the least experienced player score a goal, a feat difficult for even the most seasoned players. During each of the games played, you could hear the more advanced Wilson soccer players gently coaching and encouraging the others, helping to bring out their best.

During the last of the seven games they played, you could hear the increased chatter among the players positioning one of the novice players for an opportunity to score. And score he did! The sheer joy of that moment was overwhelming for the player as well as for all of the parents watching this incredible team accomplishment. He cheered and we cried. For all of us, this was a priceless illustration of what a school community can achieve when it is oriented around a shared vision.

Does your school do something similar?

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