The Oldfields Experience: May Program

Galloping across the beaches of the Irish coast, nailing drywall in New Orleans, touring the ruins in Pompeii, developing code for an original video game – the May Program can take students just about anywhere! May Program offers a life changing opportunity for our students. Officially inaugurated in 1971, this popular tradition is still perfectly aligned with our mission since each girl chooses an area to explore that sparks her interest.
Every year, each student chooses one of the many diverse programs taught by one or more of our committed faculty. Students can select a two-week session or mix it up with two different one-week sessions.The faculty is often sharing a personal passion or area of expertise outside the traditional curriculum, and both teacher and student alike grow from this in-depth, “outside the box” experience.

Juniors and seniors have the chance to design an individualized, independent May Program. Working in consultation with a faculty member who serves as her advisor, each student develops a project that is unique to her. Many students choose to explore areas of college study or a potential career path. Past projects have included working as a veterinary aide, being part of a Congressional campaign committee, training at the Earthwatch Institute, and interning in surgical pathology at Johns Hopkins University.

May Program can be considered one of Oldfields’ newer traditions, but it is truly an important and cherished part of an Oldfields education. Girls relish the seriousness of purpose that these real world experiences give to their high school education. Students gain knowledge that sets them apart when they apply to college. They often discover interests that eventually become careers. May Program is an opportunity for self-discovery, leadership, and confidence-building; another step in ensuring each girl’s success.

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