One Student One Teacher

The heart of the Churchill program is our One-on-One Tutorial. Every child has 50 minutes with a tutor daily to work on the area of his greatest academic difficulty. For the majority of our students, learning to read and spell are the major focus of their tutorial since they have not been successful learning this vital skill in a traditional educational setting. They need a teacher that is an expert and that is what they get at Churchill Center & School.
All of our teachers are trained and certified to use the Wilson Reading System®, a research based program developed specifically for children with learning disabilities, such as Dyslexia. Churchill is one of only five schools in the country that has been approved as a Wilson® Accredited Partner. This status affirms that Churchill meets Wilson Reading System’s® rigorous standards for excellence in the delivery of Wilson® reading instruction and teacher training.
The child’s Tutorial teacher also serves as their case manager and monitors their progress in all of the academic areas. Working closely with the child’s curriculum teachers, the tutor makes sure that the program designed for the student is being followed and adjusted to fit their changing academic needs.
Tutors also get to know the student’s family and work closely with them to ensure a strong school and home partnership. This partnership is instrumental in ensuring long-term success for our students.
In addition to academics, Churchill includes “demystification” – taking the mystery out of one’s learning disabilities- as a vital part of each child’s program. Students gain a better understanding about their own strengths and challenges, and what techniques are best to help them learn. We know that children, who understand how they learn and are able to explain it to others, gain a sense of power over their lives and the self-confidence to advocate for themselves.

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