A Winter Garden at Rohan Woods School

Rohan Woods School will participate in the US Green Building Council’s 2014-2015 “Green Schools Quest”. The USGBC-Missouri Gateway Chapter is challenging public and private schools within the Chapter’s territory (Missouri and Southern Illinois) to devise and implement, with the help of Green Mentors, the most creative, effective and no or low cost sustainable practices for their schools.

The school saw great success with a garden planted last spring, so it was decided to take on this challenge and extend the life of this experience. Students along with Kim Breckenridge, Rohan Woods Science Specialist designed, built and planted a winter garden. This allowed the students to become more involved with the care and harvesting of crops, as it will occur during the school year and not the summer. “This garden will help the students not only learn how to create and care for a garden, but it will also help them understand the concept of sustainability and what a true “farm to table” experience is like”, said Breckenridge.

Does your school do something similar?

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