Up, up and away! Hot Air Balloon Event at Purnell School

Did you realize the hot air balloon is the oldest successful human carrying flight technology?

On the evening of Friday October 10th, Purnell School hosted a community science event featuring hot air balloons. The event highlighted a Remax Balloon, part of the world largest fleet of balloons. Remax pilot, Captain Bob Mueller, presented the program entitled “Up and Away With Hot Air Balloons”. He began with a brief PowerPoint presentation on hot air balloons followed by an actual inflation of a hot air balloon. Students were able to help the crew inflate the hot air balloon. Then students and visitors had the opportunity to take tethered rides. Although the ride was a tethered experience, everyone got to see the hot air balloon up close and get a taste of what a real flight would feel like. Chemistry students presented science stations on density throughout the event as well. Taylor Williams, Science Department Chair said, “We believe in hands on learning here, so seeing the chemistry students engaged in planning and organizing the science event was great. The goal is to foster curiosity, competency, and creativity in students and I think this event was able to do that.”

Does your school do something similar?

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